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These pages provide links to all the web sites mentioned in the text of The Genealogists' Internet to save you having to copy them from the book. Note that they are given in the strict order of their occurrence in the text, and page numbers are indicated in square brackets.

All the web addresses given in the book were correct at the end of March 2012, and any I know to have moved since are marked Moved. Unfortunately, some sites or pages simply disappear, and these are marked Gone, or, if the old site is still available in a web archive, Archived (though be prepared for out-of-date information and links in the archived versions).

All 1800-odd links on these pages were last checked and updated in December 2016. By that date 225 sites or pages had moved, and 130 had disappeared, of which 65 are preserved in web archives.

Significant changes include:

  • the new UK Government site GOV.UK, replacing Directgov
  • the reorganiztion of the UK National Archives site
  • the move of the Irish Government site
  • the removal of all the pages from the old FamilySearch site
  • the closure of GenDocs (all links are now to archived pages)
  • the complete redesign and re-organization of the Society of Genealogists' site.
Web site owners: please DO NOT ask me to make a link to your site from these pages: these links are strictly those in the published book. On the other hand, if you think your site merits inclusion in a future edition, use the email adress below to get in touch.

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