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With the announcement of AHRC funding for the Family Names of the United Kingdom (FaNUK) project run by Patrick Hanks, it was informally concluded that the ToBS group was redundant. The original ToBS domain was allowed to lapse, and these pages mirror the ToBS website as it was in April 2011. Most of the material is significantly older.

Much of the site is of little interest, but the Project Documents and the 'Surname resources' (particularly the extensive bibliography) may still be of use to those involved with research into surnames and surname-matching.

Peter Christian, 16th March 2016.

A major problem for users of genealogical databases is that of variant spellings of surnames. The Thesaurus of British Surnames (ToBS) is an on-going project to develop and manage an online thesaurus of British surname variants. The intent is that the thesaurus should become a public resource, able to be searched independently and also to be incorporated directly into search engines.