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The World Wide Web, often simply referred to as the Web, is becoming an increasingly important publishing medium. Not only does it provide an additional means for companies and organizations to publicise their services and activities, but for individuals it offers an ideal way to publish special-interest material which would never find a traditional publisher. As a low cost medium accessible to millions of readers, it offers great potential for genealogists to publicise their surname interests, the results of their researches, and transcripts of original source materials.

The aim of this book is to look at what is involved in publishing your genealogy on the Web, and offer some guidance about how to get started. When you come to actually creating pages, you will need more information about some of the resources and techniques than can be accommodated but links will take you to other on-line resources.

This on-line text is based on the 2nd printed edition of Web Publishing for Genealogy, which was published (by David Hawgood in the UK, and the Genealogical Publishing Co. in the US) in 1999. However, all the material has been updated to reflect current software and web publishing practice.

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1. Introduction