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Unlike most computer tasks, Web page creation can be carried out with any one of a wide range of software tools, from basic text editors to sophisticated Web site management systems. In this chapter, I will look at the different types of software available.

Tools which are specifically designed for genealogical use, and facilities for creating Web pages directly from genealogical software are discussed in the following chapter.

Whereas there are only a handful of competitors for the title of best word-processor, there are dozens of competing Web authoring tools.[1]

The general tools available for Web authoring can be classified in two main ways:

  • First there is a distinction between editors and WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") applications. With an editor, you type in the tags yourself, whereas a WYSIWYG application is like a word-processor - you take care of the appearance of the page and the software works out what tags are needed.
  • Secondly, there is a distinction between general purpose software, such as a word-processor, and dedicated applications which have been specifically designed for Web authoring. The following sections look at the merits of each type of software and draw attention to some of their limitations.

[1] TUCOWS has over 50 pieces of general Web authoring shareware available for Windows, and well over 60 tools for specific tasks.

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