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Designing Your Web Site

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What to include

Before you start designing your Web site, you need to consider what the aim of the site is: who is it for, and what will it contain? What you decide to include on your Web pages will depend on:

  • what information you have got
  • what function you want your pages to fulfil
  • how much Web space you have got available
  • how much time you intend to devote to it

For example, if you are involved in a one name study you will have a different view from someone running a family history society site.

The last item in this list may not seem like a design decision at all, but will be important for a society site - a list of forthcoming events which is out-of-date because you haven't had time to update it will not be good PR. It's better to start with a small site and add to it as you gain experience and find the time.

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4. Designing Your Web Site