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On-line Resources

There are an enormous number of resources on the Web relating to Web authoring: this text, of course, has links to specific resources mentioned here, but good general sites for Web authoring include:

On the other hand, there is relatively little on the Web specifically about creating genealogical Web sites. Cyndi's List lists relevant software and provides a tutorial under the title Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit Mark Howells has an Transforming your gedcom Files into Web Pages.

Two essential sites for anyone interested in Gedcom converters are Mark Knight's page at http://www.pinn.net/~knightma/, which shows sample output for most current converters, and the Surname Web's list of converters, with reviews of several of them at http://surnameweb.org/help/conversion.htm.

There are a number of newsgroups devoted to the Web, and specifically to Web editing, authoring and publishing, notably comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html and comp.infosystems.www.authoring.images, while soc.genealogy.computing discusses all issues relating to computers and genealogy. There is a useful page on "What newsgroups discuss the Web?" at http://sunsite.unc.edu/boutell/faq/ngroups.htm.

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